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First nose for the tune

Audrey 1.jpg

My nose story began when my mother, a flight attendant, would bring me samples of hotel soaps, shampoos, and perfumes from around the world. I would eagerly smell each one, curious about the different scents and how they made me feel. Her love for spices and flowers rubbed off on me, and she taught me how to use my nose as a tool to explore the world around me. As I grew older, my passion for scent continued to blossom, and I became enamored with the art of perfumery.

During my studies in Grasse, the world's perfume capital, I discovered the complex and intricate process of creating a fragrance. It was a journey of discovery, where I learned about the different scent families and how they work together to create a harmonious composition.

As a self-proclaimed "curious nose," I enjoy playing "Guess the Fragrant Picture," a twist on the classic game "Guess Who?" where I try to identify different scents based on photos and images.

To me, happiness is like a smile you'll find right under your nose. For me, scent is not just a sensory experience but a way to evoke emotions and memories. It is an art form that I cherish and cultivate with my curious nose, always seeking to capture and preserve the fleeting beauty of life.

My scented canvas:

In the Base: Cedarwood - The warm, woody scent with a hint of smokiness and sweetness reflects steadfastness, strength, stability, and flexibility to grow and adapt.

In the Heart: Iris - The floral and powdery scent reminiscent of violets and carrots reflects and complements the base with a sensitivity and intuitive side.

In the Top: O3 (my nickname) or "ozone" - The fresh, clean, and airy scent that reminds of the freshness after a rain shower or the air near the ocean and matches with all energetic and optimistic molecules!

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